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Preservative-free eye drops – thanks to an innovative multi-dose container

Many eye drops offered in small bottles – i.e., in multi-dose containers – contain preservatives. However, preservatives can irritate sensitive eyes. And in some circumstances, preservatives can even trigger allergies.

There is no doubt that consumers should preferentially use preservative-free eye drops. These are often offered in single-use ampoules because preservative-free eye drops should not be used for more than a day. However, this type of packaging creates a lot of waste, and once the ampoule is open, the remaining volume is no longer usable. As a result, this is neither an environmentally-friendly nor an efficient administration method. URSAPHARM has developed an innovative solution to this problem: Multi-dose containers designed to work without preservatives.

The patented COMOD® system does away with preservatives

The innovative multi-dose bottles by URSAPHARM offer germ-free delivery without preservatives. The development of the COMOD® system has created an excellent, state-of-the-art administration method that maintains the sterility of liquid contents, in particular medicinal products, without the addition of preservatives, even for long-term use. Depending on the design of the bottle, the COMOD® system can release its contents in the form of drops or a spray. It is therefore especially suitable for ophthalmological and rhinological applications.

How the COMOD® system works

With its sophisticated air routing and a special pump, the system ensures that the eye drop solution does not come into contact with the surrounding air at any time. Therefore, bacteria and fungal spores cannot get into the bottle. Contamination is virtually impossible. All eye drops in the HYLO® EYE CARE range are dispensed using the unique COMOD® system and are therefore preservative-free. After opening, they have a shelf life of six months during which they gently and effectively treat and lubricate dry and irritated eyes.

HYLO® EYE CARE lubricating eye drops without preservatives

There is no doubt that to ensure optimal tolerability, eye drops without preservatives are the preferred option for dry, irritated eyes. The products in the HYLO® EYE CARE range contain proven active ingredients for eye care: Hyaluronic acid, Euphrasia and dexpanthenol. The range includes refreshing eye drops for stressed eyes but also intensively lubricating eye drops for severe forms of dry eye. Naturally all without preservatives.

All benefits at a glance

URSAPHARM products without preservatives supplied in the proven COMOD® system offer the following advantages:

  • Sterility without preservatives
  • Shelf life of 6 months after opening
  • High yield: the products from HYLO® EYE CARE dispense a minimum of 300 drops
  • Excellent tolerability
  • Hygienically safe
  • Precise, economical dosing


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